21 December 2017

We are looking for sharp and talented students who have a passion for machine vision and stochastic signal processing. If you are one of them, contact me and we may be able to provide you with a PhD scholarship.

1 March 2017

Check out our conference ICCAIS2017 that will be held in Thailand during Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2017. The papers are indexed by all major indexing databases such as Scopus and IEEExplore.

I continuously supervise our mechatronics students for successful completion of their final year projects. All of projects I propose to students are practical, hands on, and based on solving a design problem, and involve building a system that actually does something. The students always have a physical component or a real world video of their project outcome (device they have designed and built) to present in their project presentations. Most of my projects are linked with industry, the same companies with whom I have research collaborations.

Example 1: Automatic Guitar Tuner

Example 2: A glove-controlled wheelchair for users with limited movement capabilities

Example 3: Autonomous Lawn Mower